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Battlegrounds Mobile India v3.2.0 MOD APK (BGMI)(Menu, Hack Version)

Battlegrounds Mobile India v3.2.0 MOD APK (BGMI)(Menu, Hack Version)
App Name Battlegrounds Mobile India
Latest Version 3.2.0
Last Updated
Publisher KRAFTON Inc
Category Action Action
Size 847 MB
Google Playstore Google Playstore

4.1 Rating (90) Votes


Hey, Indian gamers! Are you feeling the boredom of the pandemic lockdown seeping into your daily routine? The ban on Tencent’s PUBG Mobile in our country left a gaping hole in our gaming lives, didn’t it? But fear not! We have exciting news to lift your spirits. Enter BGMI – Battle Ground Mobile India, the Indian version of PUBG Mobile, developed entirely without Tencent’s involvement. Let’s explore the excitement and thrill of BGMI, the game that’s revolutionizing the Indian gaming landscape.

Battlegrounds Mobile India BGMI MOD APK

Battlegrounds Mobile India MOD APK:

The ban on PUBG Mobile on September 2, 2020, left Indian gamers disheartened. Many sought solace in alternative Battle Royale games, but none could quite fill the void left by PUBG Mobile. That is until Krafton Mobile introduced BGMI – a fully-featured Android game designed to replicate the PUBG Mobile experience, but tailored specifically for the Indian audience. With BGMI, you can enjoy the same gameplay, features, and interface as PUBG Mobile, without the need for VPN servers. Crafted by Krafton Gaming, BGMI promises an immersive gaming experience, complete with HD graphics and a diverse range of weaponry.

Unlocking Your Arsenal:

Krafton Inc., the mastermind behind PUBG Mobile, brings you BGMI, ensuring continuity and familiarity for dedicated PUBG enthusiasts. BGMI boasts an extensive arsenal of weapons, including popular favorites like the M416, AKM, and Kar98K, alongside new additions like the Mosin Nagant sniper rifle. Whether you’re a seasoned PUBG player or new to the game, BGMI’s interface promises seamless gameplay and hours of entertainment.

Embracing the Seasons:

BGMI offers early access to familiar features and rewards earned in previous PUBG Mobile seasons. Say goodbye to starting from scratch and hello to continuing your gaming journey seamlessly. Whether it’s coveted gun skins or exclusive costumes, BGMI ensures that your hard-earned rewards are not lost. With upcoming seasons on the horizon, the excitement never ends in BGMI.

Battlegrounds Mobile India BGMI MOD APK GETMODSAPK

Diverse Gaming Modes:

BGMI caters to every gaming preference with its diverse range of modes:

  • Classic Mode: Immerse yourself in the traditional Battle Royale experience across six different maps.
  • Arcade Mode: Enjoy quick, fast-paced games like Quick Match and Sniper Training for instant gratification.
  • EvoGround Mode: Experience innovative gameplay with features like revive cards and additional equipment.
  • Arena Mode: Engage in multiplayer mayhem with modes like Team Deathmatch and Domination.

Community Engagement:

Join clans and form crews to enhance your BGMI experience. Clans offer opportunities to complete missions, earn rewards, and compete in clan matches for real money prizes. With crews, you can customize your gaming identity and collaborate with like-minded players for unique rewards and recognition.

Shopping Extravaganza:

Indulge in a shopping spree within BGMI’s virtual marketplace. Use UCs and Gold coins to purchase costumes, gun skins, and emotes. Participate in Lucky Draws to unlock exclusive items and elevate your gaming experience to new heights.

Battlegrounds Mobile India BGMI MOD APK GET MODS APK


BGMI has redefined the gaming landscape in India, offering an immersive and thrilling experience for gamers of all levels. With its seamless interface, diverse gaming modes, and vibrant community, BGMI promises endless entertainment and excitement. So why wait? Join the BGMI revolution today and unlock the thrill of Indian gaming like never before.

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